Incase You Didn't Know!!


Q: Why should I choose WAX'D for my services?

A:  We setup WAX'D, as a different kind of waxing salon.  We believe that you, our guests, come first!  Unlike most other salons, we believe the service should be more important than pushing products,  We are a "service driven" business. 
We are NOT a "speed Waxing" salon.  We slow the services down so that neither you, nor our estheticians ever feel rushed.  When you are here for your appointment, we concentrate on YOU, not the next person walking in the door.
Our mission is "Quality, NOT Quantity!!"

Q: Who will be I be working with for my service?

A:  All of our services are performed by Licensed Estheticians.  In the state of Louisiana, only Licensed Estheticians or Licensed Cosmetologists are licensed to perform waxing services. 
We love Nail Techs; however, Nail Techs are NOT licensed to perform ANY waxing services in the state of Louisiana.

Q:  I have heard the term "double dipping."  What exactly is "double dipping?"

A:  Double dipping is when the same stick is used for the entire service.  Sadly, some businesses will use the same stick for everyone.  Obviously, this is not only disgusting; but, this also creates a breeding ground for germs.  WAX'D will NEVER double dip, no matter how many sticks the service takes.

Q:  Does waxing hurt?

A:  Honestly, it is not the most pleasant thing in the world.  You are having hair removed from beneath the skin: however, rest assured, WAX'D is not like most salons!  We schedule enough time to insure we are as thorough as possible, without making you feel like you are just another number for the day.  We want you as comfortable as possible.

Q:  If this is my first time, are there any things I should do to prep before my WAX'D service?

A:  Yes!  First of all, DO NOT watch any YouTube videos, and DO NOT ask your friends!!  These (2) venues will scare you to death!  HAHA!!  We recommend that you exfoliate the area well, prior to your service.  This does not mean to rub the area raw.  Exfoliation will help to remove dead skin (we all have them), and will assist in removing the hair a little easier.
It is not uncommon to be a little red and swollen, especially the first few time you wax; so, as long as you do not have any issues with ibuprofen, take a couple of ibuprofen about an hour prior to your service.

Q:  Does my hair need to be a certain length?

A:  Yes.  In order for the wax to grab a hold of your hair, the hair should be at least 1/4 inch long (about the length of a grain of rice).  If the hair is longer than 1/4 inch, DO NOT TRIM!!  You could actually trim to much.  If the hair is too long, we will trim for you.  Again, this is why we schedule the amount of time that we do for your service.

Q:  What if I am on my cycle?  Should I reschedule?

A:  Honestly, it is all about your level of comfort.  You may be a little more sensitive during this time; however, it is NOT AN ISSUE FOR US.  If you are more comfortable rescheduling, please attempt to call us 12hrs prior to your appointment.

Q:  If I am on any medications, should I mention this to my esthetician?

A:  Yes.  If you are using any medications such as Retin_A or Accutane, PLEASE let us know PRIOR to your service beginning.  Taking certain medications can cause lifting of skin.  Some antibiotics may cause the skin to react as well; so, please bring them up to your esthetician.

Q:  Is there anything I need to do/avoid after my WAX'D appointment?

A:  No hot tubs, no saunas, no working out, no tanning beds the day of your service.  The next day, you should be good to go!  If you tend to get ingrown hairs, remember to exfoliate!  By removing dead skin cells, the hair can come back in naturally and not be blocked at the surface.  We recommend using an ingrown preventative & treatment product after your service.  Your esthetician will recommend a treatment plan for you the will include aftercare & cleansing products.