We play rock-n-roll in the front room & run around in jeans & tennis shoes.  We want our guests to feel as though they are at a friend's house...not a snooty salon.

Brett & Michelle White, started WAX'D in 2012, & have quickly obtained a reputation of being "the best."  Michelle is our Lead Esthetician, & Brett handles the marketing & scheduling.  Together with their staff, WAX'D has been voted "The Northshore's Best Hair Removal" for 2014, 2015, 2016, & 2017!! 

WAX'D is not your normal "5 minute, put a foot in your forehead, & rip your hair out" kind of place.  We concentrate on "Quality, NOT Quantity!"

Who We Are!!

"We truly love what we do!  We wanted to build a different kind of experience when it comes to waxing.  Most companies are all about numbers.  They want to get you in & out, so they can get to the next person.  We NEVER want our guests, or our estheticians, to ever feel rushed.  We want to make sure that we are concentrating on you, & you alone...not the next person walking in the door.